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Unified Modelling Language – UML
railML® 3 is modelled in the Unified Modelling Language (Wiki banner.png) (UML). To give you a comprehension of the underlying model, we provide a representation on our website, ordered by subschema and version:

Subschema railML® 3.1 railML® 3.2
Infrastructure IS 3.1 IS 3.2
Interlocking IL 3.1 IL 3.2
Timetable not implemented TT 3.2
Rollingstock not implemented RS 3.2
Common Data Model CO 3.2
RailTopoModel® RTM usage within railML 3.1 RTM usage within railML 3.2
GML (external link) GML usage within railML 3.1 GML usage within railML 3.2
Visualizations not implemented Visualizations 3.2
Generic not implemented Generic 3.2