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Autoexport from the XML-Schema for element IS:applicationType of railML® version 3.2
Documentation train protection system of this balise group
Subschema infrastructure
Parents* baliseGroup
Children None
  • value: This attribute is not documented in the schema! (optional; xs:string; patterns: other:w{2,})
Possible values:
  • ETCS: European Train Control System
  • GNT: Geschwindigkeitsüberwachung Neigetechnik (German, translated "Speed Control for Tilting Technology)
  • NTC: National Train Control
  • TBL1+: A transitional solution intended to facilitate migration to the European train control system ETCS . The same signal terms as with TBL1 are transmitted and interpreted by the vehicle in the same way. However, Eurobalises are used as the transmission path from the track to the vehicle, as in the ETCS system.
  • ZBS: Zugbeeinflussungssystem S-Bahn Berlin
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This element does not appear in railML® 3.1 within the IS subschema. It is available only in railML® 3.2. Do not hesitate to contact for further questions.

Changes 3.1→3.2

Introduced with version 3.2.


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