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Downloading and using railML®

This Guideline is intended to help you through the first steps in downloading and using railML®.

Download railML®

  1. If you are not yet registered to (link to the railML® website), please register (link to the railML® website) first. The registration is for free. We need your registration to keep track of the use of railML®, as its advantages rely on an undisturbed data exchange. Read our data privacy statement (Link zur railML®-Website) for the details.
  2. (Log into (link to the railML® website) and) go to our download page (link to the railML® website)
  3. Consent to the licence terms (link to the railML® website). railML® is licensed dually with either a restricted CC-BY-NC-ND licence (external link) or a commercial licence.
  4. Download the zip file with the current version of the railML® schema files.

For obtaining the developers' version (not recommended for beginners and for applications afield), please contact the coordinators (link to the railML® website).

Using railML®

The community will help you getting started with railML®. Feel free to use the following support tracks:

  • The railML®-Wiki is the core mean of documentation. A collection of Users and Developers Guides (e.g. how to contribute to this wiki) can be found here.
  • If our wiki leaves any questions unanswered, join our Forum (link to the railML® website), where railML® developers and users can exchange their experiences and discuss problems or enhancements.
  • Meet other Users, the developers and the coordinators on a conference. Conferences are ordinarily held twice a year. Please, watch our calendar (link to the railML® website) for obtaining information about the next event.
  • Certify your interface. While you can use railML® in island solutions e.g. for exercise, in most cases productive use aims at and depends on exchanging data with other units (another application; another division within your company; another corporation). As to grant for a smooth operation, the licence demands you to certify your interface if you use it productively (thus afield, exchanging data with others). The procedure is sketched here (link to the railML® website).