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This element does not appear in railML® 3.2 within the CO subschema. It is available only in railML® . Do not hesitate to contact for further questions.

Autoexport from the XML-Schema for element CO:validityTime:period of railML® version 3.1
Documentation This element is not documented in the schema!
Subschema common
Parents* validityTime
Children None
  • from: This attribute is not documented in the schema! (optional; xs:dateTime),

  • to: This attribute is not documented in the schema! (optional; xs:dateTime)
Elements may have different parent elements. As a consequence they may be used in different contexts.
Please, consider this as well as a user of this wiki as when developing this documentation further.
Aspects that are only relevant with respect to one of several parents should be explained exclusively in the documentation of the respective parent element.

Changes 3.1→3.2

Removed with version 3.2.


Private-cloud-icon.png Semantic Constraint "IS:001":
Starting time stamp (e.g. "from") shall be lower or equal any ending time stamp (e.g. "to") if both are given. Must not overlap with other validity periods.
Proposed on January 15th 2024
Approved on April 15th 2024
FIXME: add Link to discussion!
Please, recognize our guidelines on semantic constraints

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