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Autoexport from the XML-Schema for element TT:reserve of railML® version 3.2
Documentation Describes one of the runtime reserves that have been applied for calculating the arrival time at the following stop.
Subschema timetable
Parents* reserves
Children name (0..*), rule (0..1)
  • reserve: The time allotted for as a runtime reserve for the reason given by type.
    The rule element can be used to further explain the value of this attribute, the field value however is the leading data here. (obligatory; xs:duration),

  • type: Optional field that can be used to describe the reasoning for a supplement. (optional; xs:string; patterns: other:w{2,})
Possible values:
  • general: General as defined by UIC 451-1:2000
  • qualityByInfrastructureManager
  • qualityByRailwayUndertaking
  • synchronization: Used for synchronizing regular schedules (i.e. trains that run repeatedly during the day - once per hour)
  • trackworkByInfrastructureManager
  • unspecified: Can be used if no information about the type of supplement can be provided.
Elements may have different parent elements. As a consequence they may be used in different contexts.
Please, consider this as well as a user of this wiki as when developing this documentation further.
Aspects that are only relevant with respect to one of several parents should be explained exclusively in the documentation of the respective parent element.

This element does not appear in railML® 3.1 within the TT subschema. It is available only in railML® 3.2. Do not hesitate to contact for further questions.

Changes 3.1→3.2

Introduced with version 3.2.


Best Practice / Examples

Additional Information


Any reserve given with @reserve is expected to be the absolute value of the reserve. Negative values are not expected nor valid here.

Any reserve described her is related to the operational times of the train that is build from the enclosing <baseItinerary>.

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