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Use cases

In this page you learn what is a use case and find a list of railML® use cases.

While the emphasis of the railML®-wiki lies in documenting single elements in a bottom-up approach, we also try to help users to capture the concepts of railML® via examples and use cases in a top down approach.

What is a use case?

A use case can be defined as a single task, performed by the end user of a system, that has some useful outcome*. It is described as a list of steps (actions or events) to achieve this outcome.

A use case in terms of railML® is an application of data exchange between at least two IT systems in the railway domain, where railML® can be used as a format and language for the data to be exchanged. The aim of the use case description is to formulate requirements on the technical implementation of the data exchange.

What distinguishes a use case from an example is, that examples will typically consist of pieces of railML®-code, whereas use cases will typically be formulated in natural language or Unified Modelling Language (UML). Examples are solutions to use cases.

railML® Use Cases

By category

CO Use CasesIL Use CasesIS Use CasesRS Use CasesTT Use CasesCategory:Use cases by company


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Directing Subschema
Involved Subschemas
Implemented in railML® version
Description (EN) Description (DE) Description (FR)
Reported by Status
how to interpret the status
IL IS 3.1 X Routes for timetable simulation
(former: Capacity operational simulation)
Fahrstrassen für Fahrplan simulieren
(ehemals: Leistungsfähigkeit Simulation)

(ancien: Simulation de la capacité)
RSIM Jernbanedirektoratet/BaneNOR
(erstwhile: Jernbanedirektoratet Capacity Dpt)
IL 3.1 X Interlocking module engineering data
(former: Interlocking engineering)
Stellwerksprojektierung Invariants des système d’enclenchement IMED Thales Germany consolidated
IS 3.1 X Schematic Track Plan Schematische Gleisplandarstellung Plan du tracé schématique SCTP JBD/BaneNOR consolidated
IS 3.1 X RINF Reporting RINF Meldung Rapports RINF RINR SNCF Réseau merged into NEST
IS 3.1 X Network statement of an infrastructure manager Schie­nen­netz­be­nut­zungs­be­din­gun­gen eines Infrastrukturbetreibers Document de référence du réseau de opérateur réseau ferroviaire NEST SŽDC/​ProRail/​BaneNOR consolidated
TT 3.2 1 Passenger information at stations Fahrgastinformation am Bahnhof Information voyageurs en station writer: PSI (20.05.15); reviewer: Init consolidated
IS TT, IL 3.2 1 Integrated TMS Integriertes Verkehrsmanagement - ITMS Bombardier draft
TT IL, IS, RS 3.2 1 Traffic Management Plan writer: Thales; reviewer: ??? draft
IS 2 Passenger Information System Fahrgast-Informationssystem Système d'information voyageurs PISY draft
IS 2 Track Geometry Gleisgeometrie TRGE ÖBB Infrastruktur review
IS TT 2 Driver Advisory System (DAS) Fahrerassistenzsystem Système d'assistance au conducteur (DAS) DASY IS draft
IS 2 Railway Infrastructure Recording Erfassung der Schieneninfrastruktur Enregistrement des infrastructures ferroviaires ISRC Bahnkonzept draft
IS 3 Positioning and Map-Matching Positionierung und Kartenvergleich Positionnement et correspondance avec la carte POSI draft
IS 3 Asset status representation Darstellung des Infrastrukturzustands Représentation de l'actif ASSR DLR for IN2Rail project draft
IS 3 Exchange of planning parameters for interlocking with suppliers Austausch von Planungsparametern für Stellwerke mit Her­stel­lern Échange de paramètres de planification pour l'interconnexion avec les fournisseurs ISIL IS draft
IL 4 Operation and Control Betriebsführung Commande et Control draft
IS 3 Maintenance Planning Wartungsplanung Planification de la maintenance MAPL draft
IL 4 Data prepration for signalling Datenbereitstellung für Stellwerkssysteme Préparation des données signalisation DPRS EULYNX (erstwhile) draft
IL 4 Interlocking engineering for signalling Stellwerkstechnik für Signalisierung Systèmes de verrouillage de la signalisation Jernbaneverket Signalling Dpt draft
IL 5 Site preparation data for Signal Controlled Warning Systems Daten zur Standortvorbereitung für Rottenwarnsysteme Données de préparation pour le Systèmes d'avertissement commandés par signal SCWS Thales Austria draft
IL 6 Hardware and cable plan Aussenanlage und Kabelplan Plan matériel et câble draft
IS 3 Capacity Planning Kapazitätsplanung Planification de la capacité CAPL JBV/BaneNOR draft
IS 3 NRE Reporting NRE Meldung Rapports NRE NRER ÖBB Infrastruktur draft
IS 3 Speed directory Verzeichnis der zulässigen Geschwindigkeiten Liste des vitesses autorisées SPED ÖBB Infrastruktur draft
IS 3 Timetabling Fahrplanerstellung horaires ISTT ProRail draft
IS 3 CAD for railway signaling CAD für Zugsignalisierung CAD pour la signalisation ferroviaire CASP RailComplete draft
IS 3 Capture schematic visualisation information of track assets Erstellung schematischer Visualisierungs-Informationen von Schienenanlagen Capture des informations de visualisation schématique des actifs de la piste draft
IS 3 Railway Simulation Laboratory Eisenbahnbetriebslabor Laboratoire de simulation ferroviaire RLAB ČVUT draft
IS 9 Railway Infrastructure Visualisation Visualisierung von Schieneninfrastruktur Visualisation de l'infrastructure ferroviaire ISVI outdated
IS IL 3 ETCS track net ETCS Thales draft
RS Traction power supply simulation Simulation der Bahnstromversorgung
RS Operational simulation Betriebssimulation
TT Timetable Information Fahrplanauskunft Renseignement sur l'horaire writer: HaCon (13.03.15); reviewer: IVU consolidated
TT A timetable for a competition (call for proposals) Ausschreibungsfahrplan writer: iRFP (21.05.15); reviewer: IVU (22.09.16) consolidated
TT Import complete timetable for vehicle working scheduling and vehicle workings Umlaufbildung Fahrzeuge Jahresfahrplan writer: IVU (20.05.15); reviewer: iRFP draft
TT Adopt vehicle working scheduling to timetable changes Umlauf an Jahresfahrplan anpassen writer: IVU (21.05.15) ; reviewer: HaCon consolidated
TT Exchange of formation data Austausch von Wagenreihungen/ Behängungsdaten writer: iRFP (21.05.15); reviewer: IVU (22.09.16) consolidated
TT TAF/TAP TSI requirements TAF/TAP TSI Anforderungen writer: ERA; reviewer: ??? draft
TT Long Term Strategic Timetabling Langfrist-Fahrplanerstellung writer: SMA (22.12.16); reviewer: HaCon draft
TT Slot ordering Trassenbestellung writer: SMA (17.09.16); reviewer: iRFP draft
TT Passenger information inside the train Fahrgastinformation im Zug writer: Interautomation (17.01.17); reviewer: PSI and iRFP draft
TT Automatic Route Setting (ARS)
Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)
Zuglenkung writer: Toshiba?;
reviewer: PSI
TT Be­triebs­leit­sys­te­me/​RBL writer: PSI; reviewer: IVU planned
TT Dienstbildung Personal Jahresfahrplan writer: INIT; reviewer: IVU postponed
TT Operational simulation timetable Betriebssimulation Fahrplan writer: OTRT?; reviewer: SMA postponed
IS IL, RS, TT Exchange of Logical Train Positions writer: Siemens Mobility; reviewer: ??? draft
TT RS, IS Duty planning and staff shifts Dienstplanung und Personalschichten Planification des permanences et affectation du personnel SHFT writer: ÖBB Personenverkehr;
reviewer: INIT?/...
IS Posession Management Daten für Betra und Gleissperrungen POMA writer: Siemens Germany (10.01.22); reviewer: ??? draft

How to interpret the status

  Status Description participation
railML® community
reporting party
railML® scheme coordinator
railML® governance board
railML® scheme development group
pre development
planned the use case is planned, but there is no draft available by now; usually there will be no article about this use case in the wiki; Sometimes some basic ideas will be published ×
draft a user has submitted a draft. Usually there will exist an article about the use case where you find the draft
consolidated the draft has been reviewed and accepted by the scheme coordinator × × ×
development phase
requirements the development phase begins with an assessment, if and how the railML® schema has to be refined as to depict the use case × ×
model the requirements of this use case have been implemented into the currant railML® schema ×
finished the use case has been completely implemented, documented and released ×
postponed if an unfinished use case is not being barried further for several months, it will be listed as postponed
×=participates — ☒=is responsible

How to contribute a use case

Generally speaking, contributions to railML® and this wiki are appreciated. For contributing use cases, please follow our UC guideline.